Office Policies

Telephone Calls

Your call to the Clinic will be answered first by a Switchboard Operator who will put your call through to your physician's office or other area of the Clinic. Occasionally, it is necessary for your physician's office to take a message and get back to you. We appreciate your patience during these times. Our phone system also has voice mail capability for leaving messages. If your call is an extreme emergency, identify it as such so it can be dealt with accordingly.

Handicap Accessibility

The Clinic is handicap accessible and has dedicated parking including van access. Wheelchairs are available and assistance can be obtained at the Front Desk of all the buildings. If you need assistance in getting between the buildings or in accessing an administrative service, ask at the reception desk.

Medical Records

The medical record is the property of Mowery Clinic, L.L.C. and shall be maintained to serve you and your health care providers. However, the information contained in the record belongs to the patient, and the patient may to a large degree control the access to this information. If you are transferring to the Clinic, please request that we send for your medical records. Your records are confidential and copies will not be released to anyone without your written consent except as allowed by Kansas Statute.