Mowery Clinic Welcomes First Female General Surgeon

Dr. Megan Morriss


Mowery Clinic is pleased to welcome Dr. Megan Morriss, General Surgeon. Dr. Morriss joins Dr. Chris Rupe, Dr. Seth Vernon, and Dr. Steven Groene at Mowery Clinic located at 737 E Crawford St., Salina, Kansas.

From an early age, Dr. Morriss knew that she wanted to be a doctor. “As cliché as it sounds, even as a little girl I would tell my parents that I was going to be a doctor one day. From grade school and high school, and then eventually college, I always envisioned it as my way to help others,” said Dr. Morriss.

Her passion to help others coupled with a love for the operating room is what led her to become a surgeon. “Not only did I want to make a difference in the lives of others, I also loved the idea of having the opportunity to never stop learning. Medicine is an ever-changing art, an art that always keeps you working to master the next skill,” said Dr. Morriss.  “The immediacy of helping patients drew me to the field of surgery. I love the idea of an entire team working towards the common goal of caring for a patient. Once I discovered that surgery could afford me the opportunity to build lasting relationships with my patients, I knew there was no other path I wanted to take.”

Dr. Morriss completed her medical degree and residency at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Her areas of special interest include Breast Surgery, Colon and Rectal Surgery, Da Vinci Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery, Hernia Surgery, and General Surgery.

Dr. Morriss is currently accepting new patients, and no referral is required. To schedule an appointment with
Dr. Morriss, please call (785) 827-7261 or visit to learn more.

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